Bitch Tuesdays: The Freshmen ’15’



I think I have it . . .I think I do. There are some jeans I can still fit very well and others that don’t fit as well and . . . well, weight gain is the only thing I can think of that would be reason for this. . . plus, my arms got bigger and it made me feel very upset 😦

I was doing really well at keeping weight off and eating right, as well as working out, but when the stress of school kicked in, I just lost it O.O I had no motivation, I couldn’t find the time to work out, and I got really sad. I’m still kind of sad, but now I’m using that as motivation to get ‘un-sad’ if that makes sense. . . Thanks to a friend of mine who gave me a health plan that I WAS following a few months ago (thank you, bjarki) I will be doing that, but with full force. The utmost!!!! I used to be the size of a baby whale and I ‘ve grown into a full grown pregnant one 😦 makes me feel sad again. . .and large. This one will be short because I’m short on time. As you can tell, I’ve been doing Bitch Mondays on Tuesday because. . . I’ve become a whale of an individual . . . and I’ve been busy and exhausted. Later tonight or tomorrow I will regale the tale of my Thanksgiving break and post the wonderful pictures from last week that I had. They were nice. . .except for the one with me in it, they were nice! I GOT SO MUCH SLEEP TOO!!! *O* nearly 12 hours and some, but I will continue that story of my weekend later. I’m off to eat celery sticks and sushi. . .sushi’s good for you O.O






2 thoughts on “Bitch Tuesdays: The Freshmen ’15’

  1. well, i think i can give you some more advices 🙂 i’ll send you a mail. Enjoy your thanksgiving and stop bitching on yourself, being conscious of our down is a good help to go up 🙂 it needs an entire life to learn how being a good human 😉

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