Adventure Time! and Others

I’m going to talk about a few cartoons that were my favorite this year as well as some old ones. Today, I picked out the first three.

1) Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward

This cartoon features Fin, the human and his adoptive brother and best friend Jake, the dog. They live in the land of Ooh where they constantly are battling ominous monsters and having both fun and dangerous adventures with their friends Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom. Throughout the plot, they also have constant fights with the extremely annoying and disturbing Ice King.

Based on the game of dungeons and dragons, this show originally started as a short on Random! Cartoons and is created by Pendleton Ward. As soon as it was released, it went viral on the web which encouraged the production of an ongoing series. Ward and those who were supporting this had settled on Cartoon Network due to the multiple passes on the idea by Nickelodeon. The idea they had for the first episode was to have two of the characters have a spaghetti dinner, but the network didn’t like this idea and decided to elongate the story of ‘The Enchiridian’ which was the premise of the short shown on Random! Cartoons. This was accepted by the network and the first episode shown to the public.

2) Regular Show by J.G. Quintel

This a show about two friends named Mordecai and Rigby that get stuck in very weird and unexplainable situations on a regular basis.

This particular cartoon is based off of J.G. Quintel, the creator’s, life. Some of the plot is based off of the short films he made with friends while at the California Institute of Art. He started out with a cartoon called Camp Lazlo on Cartoon Network, and was also the creative director of The Misadventures of FlapJack, later creating Regular Show. One of the main characters, Mordecai, is based off of J.G. Quintel when he was in college. Rigby, the racoon, was developed off of a drawing he had done of a raccoon hula-hooping. There was difficulty along the way creating characters. To create an original story board, he recruited independent comic book artists and also based a lot of the humorous aspects on other popular cartoons (e.a The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, etc.). Some of the style was taken from Rocko’s Modern Life and Quintel’s Camp Lazlo.

3) Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burger’s features a family of five attempting to keep their burg restaurant in business.

This series was another animated creation pooped out by the FOX network created by Loren Bouchard, also the creator of the lovely and not-so-well-known series that came out in the 90’s called Home Movies. This cartoon series in particular went through many changes. In the original, the animation was slower due to budget cuts, the language was cruder, the drawings of the character’s were slightly cleaner with features less exaggerated, and one male character was removed and a female character took his place.

This is the original pilot:

The next cartoon from this year that I loved will be written about tomorrow, as well as some old ones I still enjoy.

Sources: Wikipedia. . .always. . .it’s a fast source. . .


Bitch Mondays: Materialism/Materialistic People

I think, as human beings, we naturally need to surround ourselves with something/someone to maintain some feeling of stability. It’s probably the reason we live in houses, and families/significant others in those houses, as well as other various things. Those who don’t have people within their house usually have some type of animal or, if they live alone, will have a computer/lap top/netbook/(whatever other piece of technology) to stay connected as a subconscious way to somehow fill that void. Not to say ANYTHING I’m currently rambling about is based on a specific ‘study’ or that it’s solid evidence, but, usually when we see/have a need for something, we fill it with a living being/an inanimate thing.

Often times we have these either material/living things because it plays a significant role for us emotionally. Your spouse and kids provide love, your house is your warmth and your sense of safety, your furniture provides comfort, and so on. What I hate (more than anything. . .) is when people have a tendency to completely fill these emotions with . . .things and not people. A house may provide warmth but. . . .a family and friends can too. They’re supposed to be a form of security and stability AND love. ‘Things’ can only do so much. . . .That’s where materialistic people get lost, I think, constantly using objects to fill a need when it just leaves a bigger hole. Feelings can’t be fulfilled with objects. I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of being around someone who happens to be like that and it’s definitely not good. In their case, they see objects as a representation of love, needing material things to achieve this feeling and basing something symbolized as something powerful and priceless on things with price tags. It’s absolutely ridiculous to me. Just because the person/people you are with don’t constantly throw gifts and things at you doesn’t mean their love is any less. If love were measured that way, then no one would be satisfied. They would need more and more to compensate for this.

I’d like to back down a bit to show that, obviously, I’m not perfect and say I like ‘things’ and ‘gifts’. I mean, on Christmas and my birthday and even Easter, I enjoy gifts VERY much, as much as I love giving, I love receiving. The slight, but obvious, difference between myself and someone who’s a bit more materialistic is that I don’t invest much of myself emotionally in objects or anything like that because they don’t last very long and they can’t fill a void very well, like I said before. I admit, there was a time where I was attempting to use an object to fill something that I needed, but it didn’t work for long because it was taking me away from people that could’ve helped me a million times more.

*sigh* well, I’m done bitching. . .even though this was very open-ended, it’s been in my head as a thought baby for awhile. I’m glad I finally got it out.

Real Estate Advice From Someone Who Has And Never Will Be a Realtor

For the amount of viewers I have *ehem* (not many, but that’s my fault. . .) Please look at this blog. . .it’s funny and original. . .and funny O.O and a lot more creative probably than anything I can muster in my entire body. This person doesn’t have many posts yet, but they will . . .so follow them

Genetically Random

Ever dreamed of being a realtor? Me neither! Here’s helpful hints I think are essential to making it in the business.

One: Mildew and pet stains are not as big of a deal as you might think. Feel free to Febreze that sh*t. The price of new carpeting can’t compare to a bottle of nature’s finest. Besides, have you seen those commercials with the blindfolds?? They’ll never know the difference.

Two: To keep buyers interested, nothing keeps the chase going like a little mystique. Hold an open house and invite the buyers. When they walk up the porch, slam the font door in their face and tell them the house is suddenly closed. Just remember to shout out your email from the window as they go back to their car in confusion.

Three: It’s always a good idea to add personality to the house you’re selling. Most people like pets…

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New Years

That’s coming soon 😀 (I just wanted to be a reminder to those who forgot, even though I feel like it’s not that hard to remember . . .). A few days before New Years, I’ll be posting cartoons and there creators and which ones were good this year and which ones were. . .well. . .let’s not talk about the bad ones, let’s just focus on the good. I only picked a few, since there’s literally 4 days until New Years:

1) Adventure Time

2) Regular Show

3) Bob’s Burgers

4) Something else that I’ll figure out eventually, but most likely the day before . . . .

I’ll admit, these are cartoons that I like, that many people don’t. So I also have a few old cartoons that, if they could only make more of them in 2014, I think the age of cartoons could actually be saved -_-”

1) Courage the Cowardly Dog

2) Johnny Bravo

3) The Flinstones

4) Dilbert

5) Futurama (they tried to bring it back. . .it didn’t work so well. . .)

That’s what’s to come for the next few days and for the New Year, I was just going to list a bunch of shit that’s changed about me from last year into this one, which, you wouldn’t think would be too many, but people change O.O

Markus Zusak

An author I’ve been trying to talk about for the last month or so is Markus Zusak, the writer of the Book Thief. Surprisingly, there’s not much to say, but most of it is still very important.

For those who haven’t read the Book Thief, the only thing I can really tell you without giving it all away (because I’m terrible when it comes to not giving things away when it comes to books/movies. . .) is that the book is placed in WWII and focuses on the life of a girl during that time. . . if I go on, than I’ll just ruin everything. The interesting thing about this book is that Markus Zusak was able to connect many elements of his parent’s lives during that period and put them into his work. Hans Huberman (one of the care takers of the girl in the story) is a house painter, similar to his father’s job as a house painter when Zusak was younger. A few marching scenes in the story are taken from stories given by his mother of both the prisoners and Hitler youth.

Originally, Zusak actually wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and become a house painter, but later found a greater interest in writing. In the early 2000’s (and slightly earlier) he began writing young adult fiction. He was often very nervous about everything he wrote and would have to write while also pretending that there wasn’t actually an audience reading his material. The book I mentioned, The Book Thief, was published in Australia in 2006 first before actually reaching the international public and, to no surprise, it became popular instantly. Markus Zusak also wrote books such as:

-The Messenger (2002)

-The Underdog (1999)

-Fight Ruben Wolfe (2001)

-When Dogs Cry (2002)

I would give his work a try. He’s an extremely creative author that’s good at pulling you in and taking you somewhere you didn’t think was even possible to escape to. Give it a try 🙂 please. . .


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