Life Update

I haven’t talked a ton on how things have been and I have to admit . . . they’ve been a tiny bit rough. These few days have been wrecking balls and the last couple weeks have kind of been hectic as well. It’s weird, but I’ve felt noticeably sad more often and all I can think is that I’m just stuck in an emotional rut I’m fighting to get out of. I think the difference between the me now, and the me many years ago is that the me from many years ago wouldn’t attempt to get out of that rut. She would be really comfortable in that rut. I personally don’t want to feel sad or worry about things and I’m trying really hard not to. My mom is going through some health stuff, but she’s getting a lot better. She’s been getting these injections to help her anemia. She’s also been taking her vitamins more often (WHICH SHE’S SUPPOSED TO DO ANYWAY). My family is moving to Texas soon, so I’ll be there for Thanksgiving. I’m not happy about getting out of hellish weather to go into it, but I’ll be excited to see my family. I’ve also been given the option of my best friend’s house if that falls through. I have two awesome options. I’m excited for my little sister’s upcoming birthday. She’ll be 7 🙂 I’m also going to be 19 on Friday. I feel old XD It’s weird, but since I was about 11 or 12, I was able to sufficiently take care of myself. Not in terms of finance, OBVIOUSLY, but in terms of taking care of me as a person. I don’t feel like I’m some awesome ‘adult-child’, but I’ve kind of had to balance things and deal with things most kids didn’t, so, in a way, I feel a tiny bit older in that respect. I’ve been feeling kind of extra low on self esteem. I’ve been trying to get better, but I always get dragged down by something and a big problem for me is simply letting go of things. Hopefully, with more age, I can get better at that. I’m not giving up this time, and I’m making an effort to get away from this.


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