Bitch Tuesdays: Sad Movies

I’m a girl. . .I cry. . . a lot more than the average girl, but that’s what happens because society as well as some very intelligent people with goggles and PhDs, tell me that my hormones are a lot crazier especially during certain times of the month that I’ve ranted about previously. Just because I cry sometimes, doesn’t mean I like to. It does not cause me major enjoyment to cry or sob or wimper. It’s not something that I find some odd freaky pleasure in. . . crying actually sucks. . . it sucks so much that I try to do everything to ignore it and sometimes deny it or blame it on things such as ‘my period’. This is why I don’t watch sad movies. . .Sad movies are meant to torment my gender . . . That’s why I don’t watch them. Nor will I ever ask someone to watch a sad movie with me. Sad movies are meant to be watched when you, yourself, are feeling sad. You don’t want to feel sad with someone else. . . it’s something meant to be done by yourself. . .in the comfort and warmth of a blanket and maybe some. . . fruit to substitute for whatever snack you think twice about before ruining your body with 500 gallons of it. Anything you catch me watching will most likely cause me to shit my pants, pee my pants, or laugh uncontrollably while both shitting and peeing my pants. It will NOT be something that’s going to make me cry unless I’m in a situation where I’m at home and my mom picks out some movies and says, ‘Hey, I found a copy of the Notebook for $1 at some random store I just went to . . . lets watch it O.O’ . . . I love my mom. . . but she likes the sad, touchy feely, sentimental movies. Me?: not so much. . . I’ll watch it if it seems interesting, but if the description has ANYTHING in it that’s involving the words I’m about to list, you might as well just . . . not bring me down with you. . .

1) sentimental

2) heart jerker

3) any made up word that has to do with ‘tears’ or ‘crying’ . . .those guys who write those things like to get crafty. . .

4) uplifting (they like to make it seem like it’s happy sometimes. . .the logic of these people, I don’t know. . .)

So, please, if you don’t have anything that involves people doing dumbshit, someone falling off of something, people getting killed idiotically in ways that could’ve been prevented, anything involving fighting or something blowing up, or anything with comedy and romance and without the two seperated . . . . then don’t invite me to watch movies with you. . . if you value our friendship, you won’t O.O


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