Bitch Tuesdays: Weather. . .Again :D

I’m bitching on Tuesday because I’m not feeling extremely well at the moment inside and out due to . . . .my gender, so here’s Bitch Tuesday 😀 Today’s Bitch Tuesday will be about the change of weather, which I’ve bitched about recently, but this time. . .it’s personal O.O

I can’t wake up at 6:45 AM anymore because of my full body awareness of how cold it is outside in comparison to the immense comfort and warmth of my pillow, sheets, and blankets. Every time I get on the elevator and go downstairs to the exit I pause for like a good 15 minutes because I know how long I’m going to have to walk to get something to eat and then go to class. . . .I don’t even leave my dorm on weekends anymore O.O in fear of being hit by wind and freezing weather. I’m just. . . . .I’m terrorized by cold. . . .I love fall, probably more then anybody else, I just fear the cold soooooo much sometimes. Even my little coat can’t protect me :(. . .it’s sad . . .


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