Bean Bag Chats: Terrible blogger *points to self*

So, I’ve realized that I’m a terrible blogger. . .it didn’t take very long to figure out THAT one *laughs heartily* yes. . .I suck 🙂 I’ve honestly been busy with school, so a lot of the fun things I wanted to post for October went down the toilet and I’ve kind of slacked on a lot of things due to low morale and lack of energy. I’m losing my moxie *tear* I’m not really sure how this will go for awhile because I’ll be busy for the next couple of weeks, but, to entertain those that still read my blog (Alex. . .I would call you out too, Bjarki, but I honestly have NO idea whether you’re reading this or not anymore. I could probably reach you through e-mail, but I’m always under the impression that you’re immensely busy because you’re older and more adult-like. . . .but if you are still reading this, that’s great. My confidence was just boosted 😀 *confetti*) I’ll be posting pictures of things I haven’t yet and putting little captions underneath them, as well as quotes given from people during the week that I thought were delightful. That’ll be my Sunday gift for those who give any shits about my blog.

And if you read this, give me ideas to work with because when I have breaks, I clearly blog WAY more than while I’m in school. Fitting blogging in with school is difficult which is why I take so long to post and often don’t post things I promote in past posts. . . .*cries* I know I’m terrible. . .once again, I’d also like to bring substance to my blog. There was a woman during the summer who absolutely loved my earlier articles on Oscar Wilde and she thought that I was a good writer. Honestly, I’m not the best, but I still whole heatedly appreciated the compliment and it’s been settling in my brain for awhile. I’ll try to put more substantial things up as well as keep up with my Bitch Mondays, Playlists, Weekend Wakers, and Music Talks/Bean Bag Chats. I’ll attempt to do a better job blogging so I can feel better about myself. . . .because I’m a sad, lonely, busy, 18 year old college student who just. . .wants. . .to . . .FEEL LOVED O.O really. . .that’s all I want. . .


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