Music Talk: Coraline Soundtrack

The AMAZING soundtrack, created by Bruno Coulais adds the obvious and heavy eery feeling that the story is meant to convey. Coulais originally had the band They Might Be Giants create the soundtrack, but, in need of a darker sound, he changed it, leaving only one song by the band in the soundtrack (“The Other Father’s Song”). The rest was done by the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra and the Children’s choir of Nice. The parts that were sung are a ‘nonsense language’ which was composed of random french words. It was meant to produce fear. The instrumentation used, despite the obvious symphony instruments from both band and orchestra, was a harp from Madagascar, bass, Chinese instruments, a water phone, a glass harmonica, chimes, glockenspeils and marimbas. The music was written while the director and Coulais were miles away from each other (Coulais was in Paris, France at the time). Given set designs and an idea of the story itself, he was able to create masterful pieces that added a humongous amount of artistic dynamic to the movie and brought many of the scenes to life.


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