Bitch Wednesday: Smiling

People don’t understand how powerful a smile is. Putting a small effort and smiling at a stranger could both brighten your day and that person’s. When I first got on campus, that’s what I’d feed on O.O I’d go get food and try to yank smiles out of the cashiers because they looked so depressed (they still do. . .in some ways, I’ve given up on them. . .) One place I LOVE going to is this cafe that’s in my library. they smile and treat all their customers like they give a shit (which they might not, but it helps.) Personally, I’ve kind of re-evaluated how I approach people and have decided to try smiling at everyone and not just the lifeless cafeteria staff. Their are NUMEROUS people who look and stare in my direction and I just passively stare back. I’m definitely going to try smile more, especially because how I know it makes me feel when I get a smile, I figure someone will feel the same way 🙂


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