My Life: If You’re Interested

So, my 4 days back home weren’t amazing . . .actually they were far from it. . . .especially the last day, but I enjoyed hanging out with my family. I missed them very much 😦 the week I finally got over homesickness, I had to go home, so it was weird because I had a whole bunch of feelings I’d resolved rush back into my head, so it was like the same thing all over again. Plus, when I went home, not much had changed. It was almost like I had never left, which was both good and bad in some ways :/ I’ve made some progress in school and tried my best to get along. I’m trying to get around and strategize. I feel like if I treat college like computer mahjong, I can survive *O* hopefully, anyway. . . . I’m slightly good at computer mahjong, so I feel like dealing with things that way will allow me to succeed a lot better.

I’ve made one additional friend, and he is really nice. I feel like whenever I bring up a male, people automatically assume that it’s more than friendship, but it’s not. . .as much as I secretly wished that was true a few days ago, I’m actually enjoying just being friends with him. I’ve never had a relationship and I have so much work, though, so a simple friendship is mostly what I can handle as a person XD He’s very friendly and has a nice personality, so, for the most part, I’ve enjoyed his company. Hopefully, that is the last friend I make . . .I’m partially kidding. Like I’ve said many times, I didn’t plan to make friends this year. I was supposed to be an enclosed hermit, but noooooo. . . .I just HAD to make friends without trying. . . . . .having a few friends is fun though 🙂 and a little bit more easy to deal with rather than an entire gang of friends. I think, in some way, I’ve become socially comfortable here, so I don’t see myself making anymore friends, but. . .who knows lol

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