October Topics


For those of you who know nothing about this, it is a story of a girl who is forced to move from her hometown to Oregon with her parents who are attempting to get a gardening catalog published. Both her parents neglect her while working on this, and she finds a door that transports her to a parallel universe in which she has a mother and father similar to her own, but with button eyes. The ‘other mother’, the mother in her parallel universe, creates wonders and enhancements in this world in an attempt to manipulate Coraline into giving up her life. I’ll be periodically giving interesting facts about the production of the stop-animation adaption of the book, and a few tid bits about the book itself. I’ve only seen the movie, so maybe this will motivate me to actually read it. . . . .who knows

Myths and Shtuff

Myths and things that happen to freak people out, such as. . . .

1) Garden Gnomes
2) Cats
3) . . . .Fixations with the full moon?

. . . .And anything else that’s seemingly creepy to human beings, but probably doesn’t have any actual, realistic, interesting elements attached. . .or maybe it does, but I’m just not being imaginative enough.


I’d like to get pictures of some awesome costumes for Halloween. My costume will merely be ‘festive’, nothing special. If I happen to run into some eccentric Halloween clad college students, I will make sure to post pictures up here. . .I mean it

October is nearly over, but I’d thought I’d end the next week or so of it with a blog bang since I haven’t been posting as frequently. School has deterred that very much so 😦 but I will try to make up for it with a few topics I think will be interesting. . . .and if my life gets more interesting then. . . .that’ll make it interesting too XD


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