Bitch Mondays: Weather

It’s supposed to snow in my hometown the day I’m supposed to leave. . .which is great because I don’t get to leave until the night of . . .wonderful. . .

Indiana weather is a lot more bipolar than Illinois weather. The seasons aren’t as clear cut. The summers will be blisteringly hot, but the trees will begin to change color and fall off the leaves. . . .it will continue to be hot until mid-October when you have the unmercifully cold mornings and then the slightly warm, edging on cold rebellion afternoons, leading into unseasonably cold nights. . . .it’s great 😀

Now, I love the Fall. It’s actually one of my favorite seasons, but it’s best if you have a sweater. . .or a jacket. . . .even a light hoodie to fend off the psycho weather changes during the day. I didn’t exactly pack well for dorm life, so all I have is more wonderful granny sweater that’s quite nice and heavy, but doesn’t get the job done in terms of keeping me warm all the time. So, while I’m home. . .I’m going to steal all the hoodies that I can O.O


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