My Life: If You’re Interested . . .

I’ve learned a lot these past couple of weeks and I feel like. . . people’s college experiences are so much better than mine XD

I recently took mid terms, so I’m mentally flattened and I feel like . . . .a very small person. I almost broke down and cried on Monday because of how small I felt. . . . .actually, I did cry. . .for 2 hours. . .I’ve had weird emotional feelings where I want so badly for someone to hold me for a very long time so I can feel some kindness and warmth transfer from their body to mine. . . .I’m a sad, lonely college student DX I’ve improved and two of my classes, but now I need help in another two so. . .that makes sense? O.O

I’m home now and. . .sort of loving it. I missed my family, but it hasn’t changed much. I wasn’t expecting major change, I just hoped some things would naturally change, but. . .they didn’t. . . .I’ll be posting more, though. As of now, I will leave to get rest and post a normal Bitch Mondays and a few new things as well as pictures and artwork so. . .I’ll definitely be more active after 10 hours of sleep *thumbs up*


2 thoughts on “My Life: If You’re Interested . . .

  1. Don’t worry, sometimes you feel down, but feeling up comes always after, so just take time to feel better in this new way of life. Don’t forget, everybody can enjoy this world, it is not the property of some blessed people 😀

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