PLAYLIST: Saturdays

I’ve been making playlists, but I haven’t posted any so. . .now I am. This one’s for Saturdays and I’m making one for night and I REALLY want a make a B.A lounge list and post it here. (My best friend reads my blog, but she doesn’t comment *points to best friend) if you’re reading this, you know I’m mostly posting these for you, if you want the music for it, I’ll send it to you through e-mail)

That also goes for anyone else who passes by my blog or who reads it now that would like to get the music for the playlist. Leave your e-mail in a comment, if I don’t happen to have it already, and I’ll be glad to e-mail the music to you so you don’t have to search all over the place for it. I’ll most likely be posting playlists more often and I’ll have a post for a new band I just recently found last week.

1. Loser- Beck
2. Movin’ Out- Aerosmith (cover)
3. Street Fighting Man- Rolling Stones
4. Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon
5. A Manner to Act- Ra Ra Riot
6. Too Too Too Fast- Ra Ra Riot
7. Say I Wanna Know- (Uknown)
8. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine- Spoon
9. My Mathematical Mind- Spoon
10. It’s Real- Real Estate
11. Days I’ve Had With You- Kings of Convenience
12. Open House- Bombay Bicycles
13. Suburban Beverage- Real Estate

I’m the type of person who takes playlists a liiiittle too seriously O.O It’s just something I enjoy doing, but I’m pretty good with coming up with them quickly, just because my brain knows what/what not will sound well together, which songs will transition the best, etc. It’s a dumb hobby. . . but a good one.


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