Bitch Tuesdays: Dating Sites

Okay. . .I hate to admit it, but over the weekend I HAPPENED to dabble in the online dating scene until like . . .a day ago . . .My roommate had told me about a site that was for college students to meet other college students. If you’re a fellow college student like myself, you’ve probably seen this site widely advertised on campus, in your school e-mail, or as a mini window taking up space on your school’s website. This site, for those who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, is It’s meant for dating, but for ‘friendship’ too, and is advocated as SAFE and a site un-infested by creepers/stalkers. . .it even says it on it’s main web page before you sign up. . .because it’s not desperate for users. . .

First thing that kind of turned me off was that you had to pay actual money to use the features. I didn’t mind that so much until I realized you couldn’t do basic messaging or even open the messages people were sending me. The only thing free is the damn sign up. . .You have the option to tell people that you cannot afford/don’t want to waste money paying for a subscription on the site and tell them to e-mail/message you another way. I have six messages from six guys that ignored this, leading me to believe they were ‘decoys’. ‘Decoys’ meaning they were messages sent by the original founders of the site using actual users usernames and locations to get me to subscribe just to see what I received in my inbox. . .uncreative bastards. . .After awhile though, I had a belief that some of them were real, because I could see who visited my page and it correlated with the message, but. . .what I wrote on my profile was pretty short and sweet. I feel like they’re either decoys or people just don’t know how to read a three sentence paragraph in a description box. The only thing they give you free is the IM feature, but you can’t see what you’re sending to the person, which is just. . . there’s not even words for what that is exactly O.o I never actually FOUND the dumb IM feature, but I read other people’s blogs/websites talking about the so-called ‘basic features’ you get without the subscription. . . ‘basic features’, my ass. . .The most you can really do is just. . .look at/stalk other users and read their profiles. They’ll see that you visited, but they most likely won’t/can’t do anything about it. . . Main reason why I stopped using it all together was because it was kind of. . .boring after awhile. There are attractive guys on my campus and I feel like I could do the same thing from a window or while I’m walking to class, or while I’m eating lunch . . .which is what I do anyway, so it was a waste of about . . . .3 1/2 hours of my life. That’s like the cumulative amount of time I spent messing with it because. . .I’m just that lonely and bored over the weekends XD but I also feel like dating sites can be a bit. . .unrealistic. I mean, it’s one thing when it’s there for the purpose of setting a date with someone and actually meeting them in person like. . . a week later, but actually solely talking to someone online and having an ‘intimate’ relationship is. . . well. . . not amazing at the best of times. I’m kind of into cuddling . . .I can’t cuddle a monitor. I talk to people online a great majority of the time too, and . . . I just wouldn’t be able to do that because I naturally make many friends and usually nothing more than that. It’s like I subconsciously create that bar between me and whoever is online. I feel like that’s what the internet is for: to create relationships, but relationships that abridge us to others that would normally be outside the bounds of our country or continent. Not to necessarily ‘canoodle’ with, but to become more apparent of the views of others farther away and to create friendships. In theory. . . I feel like if you couple Skype and an online relationship. . .it could work?: I say that because you’d at least know that who you’re talking to is real and it would be the equivalent to actually talking to them in person minus the ability to touch which. . . I would kind of be bothered with because of my natural want to cuddle. . . but if you’re a college student like myself just. .. go talk to somebody. . .that’s what you’re doing anyway, you might as well try it out in real life, right?


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