Bean Bag Chat: Tips on attracting. . .guys sort of

One main problem that seems to be sweeping the residents hall, both in my building and I’m sure others, is the need to have a subtle, but deep connection with a guy. Everyone’s seemed to have paired up and gone about their business, which is why this is such a big deal (my roommate and I share this want). Here are some tips I’m going to give to snatch the attention of the opposite sex. Some serious, some funny, some. . .well some you might possibly get a restraining order form in the mail for, but it’s worth a shot 😀



Now. . .this could mean multiple things, but despite the less classy context of this phrase, let’s revert to the cleaner one. Dress with confidence. This doesn’t mean dress with your God given woman parts hanging out of a top that’s clearly too small for you, this means dressing with some decency and a little flair to make yourself more noticeable. Be modest, but try to wear clothes that are flattering. Don’t be like me and wear something that you know is too big for you to make it look like you lost 20 lb.’s that  you still have. Try wearing things that are form fitting, and if you’re uncomfortable with that, try wearing different things underneath. Since the heat’s still blazing, wear a comfortable, but nice t-shirt/camisole with some cool/comfortable/colored shorts. Just make sure you don’t look like a homing beacon. You want someone to notice you, you don’t want the FBI to zero in on your location. 



Anything. . .just say it. You see a guy, say the first thing that comes to mind. You have gas?: say it. You have to go to the bathroom?: say it. You ate something bad and your breathe smells like something three baby cats vomited?: okay. . .don’t tell anyone that, think that inside your head. Saying something face-to-face with someone you have an interest in can be the best way to start a conversation and actually get to know them. Don’t be like me and stalk them from a far and watch every move they make. They’ll eventually catch on and exile you off the island of . . .whatever the name of the fictional island you two inhabited. Try to communicate verbally with them and even give them a way to contact you outside of class, like an e-mail or phone number. 



I would suggest stripping naked because that draws QUITE a lot of attention among both males AND females. . . it’s a two-fer. . .but some people are uncomfortable with that and it happens to be illegal possibly, so . . .yeah, you can’t do that. To stand out you have to get involved. Join clubs that have things you’re interested in and the rest will come. You like RP games?: find a club with those. . .don’t come back and tell me that there aren’t dudes in that club. . .You like theatre?: find a club with theatre-like things . . .don’t come back and tell that there aren’t dudes in that club. . .You like sewing?: find a club that involves sewing. . .don’t come back and tell me there were dudes in that club. . .I mean. . .seriously, there’s only a hand full of guys who can actually sew that I’ve met in my entire life. . . you can try, but don’t be surprised if there aren’t a bunch of dudes in that club. Involvement in extracurricular activities is a great way to make a connection with people in general and make that ‘super special’ connection with someone you like. 



I’m the last person who should be anywhere near this word, but I’m trying my best to attain the embodiment of its’ being. The best things in life are worth waiting for. Cheesy, but true. If you’re a first year student, or even someone in high school, or someone who’s already a full on adult and you haven’t had a relationship, it’s not you. I mean. . .in many ways it could be, but often times, things like that take both time and effort. You could be the most confident person on the planet and STILL be single. It’s possible. . .I’ve seen it. . .It can happen. Sometimes it just takes awhile for things like this to kick in. We all have things about our personality that make us unapproachable. Things others see in us that we don’t. The person that took your change when you went to go get coffee could’ve thought your were the most beautiful man/woman in the world (I’m trying to make this less gender specific. . .I should’ve done that to start with. . .) or the person that held the door for you thought you were attractive, but couldn’t muster the courage to say anything. The little things about you that make things like that a bit harder to attain because  people may not be as confident and exuberant as yourself or even people might be just as shy as you. While you’re sitting thinking that no one is ever going to acknowledge your existence, think about all the people that couldn’t and what you can do in the future to open up to those type of people. Try to smile and speak and even assert yourself in a manner where you’re silently meeting everyone you meet half way, and then once you happen to find that one person who thinks your just . . .gosh darn beautiful, they’ll be so comfortable that they’ll reveal themselves and it wouldn’t be like a Spiderman movie where some random guy comes down from a string in a costume and tries to start a conversation with you while you’re walking down an alley way to get home (sounds creepier when you describe it rather than seeing it on film, doesn’t it?) Don’t confuse yourself with self help books, and Google and Cosmopolitan magazines. If anything, the best way is to find someone while waiting patiently, is to be yourself. Continue being yourself while going about your daily life, spruce up a bit, be a little outgoing, try new things and the rest will follow. I may not have experience in any of this yet, but I’ve had enough pessimism about this for years to know that it doesn’t make you feel any better. Be more optimistic. Someone’s BOUND to notice you and you won’t regret the little changes that make a difference, no matter how long the wait.


I feel like a bad ‘life changing’ infomercial  *gags* I hate those. . . 

Bean Bag Chat OUT *peace sign*


2 thoughts on “Bean Bag Chat: Tips on attracting. . .guys sort of

  1. i agree with it. I just would add the necessary little piece of luck that can change everything. But as we can’t command this, what you’ve written is the best to do in my opinion too 🙂

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