Music Talk: Lorde

I was supposed to talk about either Two Door Cinema Club or Atlas Genius, but recently (meaning yesterday) I discovered an artist named Lorde. The only reason I bothered was because when I get ready in the morning/go get ready for bed, I listen passively to the radio that they have in the girl’s bathroom that’s on 24/7 and there’s this song by Lorde called ‘Royals’ and they play it every. . . five. . .seconds O.O they play a lot of ‘popular’ pop music 24/7. . .anyway, I always ignored it because I’m like ‘it’s just some weird british girl singing with some hip hop beat in the background talking about . . .nothing’, but she’s actually from New Zealand and the song is about something, the lyrics are actually really genuine and I like the way she phrases things so. . . I was off . . .by a lot. 

She started out as a songwriter at age 13 and her mother was apparently an influence in her life in terms of writing. Her music is pop, but not just regular bubble-gum, or dance pop, it has more of a 80’s techno pop feel with a mix edging on hip-hop/R&B, but I think that edge more of comes from the tracks she uses. An example of that edge would be The Love Club, it’s got that beat in the back and the techno vibe is also infused in there, but it’s definitely a modern feel on 80’s pop. Bravado is an example of the modern 80’s feel I keep referencing towards. The timing she uses for the beat in the back is what kind of gives it that style and ‘ooo’ parts of the song that are layered with that beat in between intervals makes that come out too. Royals, the song that I thought was stupid until I listened to it and really heard everything, is a play on that hip-hop/R&B feel. It’s got this nice simple beat in the back and the low bass thrum underneath that kind makes the vocals less isolated and keeps everything together. It makes you want to nod your head to the beat, something you’d tap too, but nothing ‘dance’ worthy. This is no Katy Perry, Ke$ha, broken Kate Nash-wanna be  rip off. This is an artist. Granted, not all her stuff is amazing. If you’d like to delve into it, look up the 3 songs I’ve listed at the bottom and check them out. She also doesn’t sound amazing live. . . but not a lot of famous/popular people do :/ it takes a certain musician to have consistency and . . . I personally think I just found bad versions of a few lounge sets she did, so don’t take my complete word for that. . . . Check her out, download her, find out more about her, look at her face. . . her face is beautiful. . .and her hair is. . .God. . . O.O seriously, her hair is like the perfect mess. . . it’s a good thing. 

1. Royals

2. The Love Club

3. Bravado*


*If you want to get the 80’s style I pointed at sooo many times, listen to this one first 



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