Bitch Mondays: Walking

Bitch Mondays: Walking

Umm. . . .this picture has nothing to do with anything. . . .I just like German bakeries . . . .um some guy I can’t remember took a picture of this and put it on dA some time ago and I kept it. . .yeah

So, I pretty much walk everywhere. No, it’s not to lose the freshmen 15 . . . .I came to college with a belly already so. . .technically I already had it by the time I was there. . .I’m always ahead of the curve *wink* Actually, I walk everywhere because I’m too much of a lazy bum to figure out the bus schedules. You’d think I’d be lazy ENOUGH to figure it out, but. . . .my lazy is so special and different O.O

So, I’m like the color of a blackboard because I’ve got the sun beating down and the blistering heat hitting me all up in the face. My first time around during the first week, I almost died. . . .my body hurt like no other and I thought I wouldn’t be able to survive. I tried stretching and resting, but my body continued to ache and I was in a lot of pain 😦 now, I’m used to it, but the heat is continuing to piss me off and I still have yet to understand the bus schedules. My roommate tried to explain it to me: didn’t get it. My mom sat on the phone for 15 minutes and tried to explain it to me: only half got it. My best friend even offered to make an outline of the bus schedule for me (mind you, she’s DOESN’T EVEN GO TO MY SCHOOL) I think I’ve officially only ridden the bus twice and that’s because my roommate was with me and she knew where they all got off at. . . .yeah, I’m definitely not an adult yet. I’m still in that transition process. . . .


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