1,000 views. . . I feel like I should be happy. . .?

So. . . I have 1,000 views somehow?? O.o I guess people casually pass by this blog, notice it’s not very interesting and then leave 😦 but they gave me views and . . . in comparison to deviantART, it’s not the best, but I’m proud of my mini personal sucky, stupid, unimportant, shamelessly self centered and weird blog and. . . 1,000 views within 2 and a half months isn’t bad. . . if I had a smaller number. . . I think I’d probably feel the same, but that’s beside the point. I think with this blog, I leave the door open for many things to happen: I even write on my about page that if you simply view it, and visit my blog that I’ll be happy with that, which is why people do that, they just casually stroll by and . . . yeah. . . man, my blog sucks, but . . . it’s pretty damn fun despite that 🙂

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