Bitch Mondays: My Dorm

So. . . . .my dorm is small. . . .if that’s not a shocker, I don’t know WHAT is. . . . .


I’m not complaining now. . .I’m bitching, so it’s a little different. I will take pictures to demonstrate the ways my dorm frustrates me, for now I’ll stick with description. So, we get these smallish rooms where one half is yours and the other half is another person’s and you share the room collectively. You have to sign a roommate agreeent and all that good stuff. They give you some little top closet space and the you get half of a closet, a desk, and bed space. You’d think it was a lot. . .*shakes head* but. . .it”s . . .not. My parents went crazy and tried to give me an entire grocery store of food and that’s what my top closet space consists of. My clothes closet space is limited, but that’s because of the boxes and books and some bulky clothing I thought was ‘smart’ to bring along. . .even though it’s SUMMER. Then I have space taken up by my large suitcase that is now serving as my dirty laundry bag and I got purses and things from relatives who think I’m more of female than I do XD I’m not extremely girly. . .that’s the point I was making. . . I have a mini fridge and a microwave that’s just shoved into a corner and my desk has so much shit. . . .not literal shit though. . . .that would be bad. . .


7 thoughts on “Bitch Mondays: My Dorm

  1. welcome to student life : doing the more things possible in the tiniest possible space lmao. another : if you’re not a female, i wonder who is lol i’d like to see you in some sexy clothes one day 😉

      1. you wrote this “I got purses and things from relatives who think I’m more of female than I do ” so it obviously means that i’m not the only one to think you’re pretty. 😉 and if i tell i would like, it’s that i know i would like. it’s just a fact, despite you don’t feel self confident enough to appreciate it 🙂 said this, how is your first contact with college stuff?

      2. It’s not that I don’t appreciate I just think that. . .lol I don’t know XD and it’s really scary and overwhelming, but it’s good all at once.

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