Last Post . . .I mean it this time

I said that the post I wrote before would be last, but I haven’t put any playlists on here and I’m trying to utilize this day to have one last stretch of procrastination before I really have to learn to refocus my brain before I go. . .so I’m using this as an excuse, clearly XD I made a fun playlist because summer is generally supposed to be a ‘fun season’. I figured I’d put a few uplifting things in there too, just to give it more pep. It’s a mere ten songs, but it’s a group of ten really good ones. If you’d like the songs, I’ll have them in my Sky Drive (Alex, I’ve already e-mailed it to you and most likely have told you about it so that you could get the order of songs from here. . .so you’re covered 😀 lol). I’ll be happy e-mailing it to anyone else in my non-existent audience *crickets* . . .yeah. . .I thought so. . .


This playlist was inspired by a song a friend of mine gave me called Trojans by Atlas Genius (Thank you, Alex) 🙂 It’s one of those ‘get up and do something’ songs and since I’ve been sort of bogged down by a lot of things I now realize isn’t mine to worry about, listening to this after making it was actually kind of refreshing. I haven’t made a real playlist in AWHILE so this was nice. 


1. Trojans- Atlas Genius

2. Take A Walk- Passion Pit

3. Tear Me Down- Spoon 

4. A Crow Left of the Murder- Incubus

5. Always Like This- Bombay Bicycles 

6. Shut Up and Let Me Go- The Ting Tings 

7. Solitude Is Bliss- (King Goerge Cover) San Cisco

8. Too Too Too Fast- Ra Ra Riot

9. We’re Far Enough- (Unknown)

10. Merchants of Soul- Spoon


Sorry for the lack of variety, Alex. You’ve obviously listened to. . .a lot of what’s in this playlist XD but it still turned out pretty well, so listen to it anyway. This post is obviously biased toward you so. . . .I should be given thanks. . .lots of thanks O.O . . . .


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