Weekend Waker

MMA again 😀 


There’s a match coming on the FOX broadcasting network this weekend and I CAN ACTUALLY WATCH IT!!!! *O* So if you are looking for something to watch, just sit down and watch it. I don’t know who’s fighting (I never really do. . . .I’m a terrible fan lol) But it’s very entertaining and interesting to watch so I’d strongly adivise anyone with cable to watch it. 




For those who have recommended matches for me to watch (bjarki) if you could maybe give me a place to watch them online that would be helpful 😀 I don’t always have cable and my PC’s not awesome either, but it can try 😀 or if you could find a few on Youtube and send me links, that would also be helpful because I’m on Youtube all the time watching movies and junk. Please, if you could, just send me links O.O . . . .I love links . . .lol 




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