My Life: If Your Interested. . . . .

My Life: If Your Interested. . . . .

I have school anxiety again, which isn’t new. I always get the jitters of some sort before something big, but this is kind of different. I have everything and all the sruff that I need to do, I’m just still very edgy about everything ‘home-wise’. By ‘home-wise’ I mean a lot of the miscellaneous problems my family has been having that’s been circling around, of course, my parents relationship. Despite me going away, I will still be actively thinking about all of that . . . . .but most of my life will be composed of academics and sleeping so. . . .at least, there’s technically room for it :/

I’m currently sleeping over at a friends house today as I’m writing this and she’s making Belgium waffles 😀 and something else!. . . .the something else part, I’m not sure of, but the waffles are fine. The friend I’m with is in the top right of the frame. She’s my best friend 🙂

BTW the rose was a part of a bush her mom had gotten for her dad. They smelt AMAZING *O* I love flowers


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