Spontaneous Posting


I figured I should have a ‘thing’ or segment for Wednesdays, so I’m doing spontaneous post things . . . .enjoy? 


I. . .Am . . .204 lbs as of today. . . .at the beginning of the summer . . .I was 212. . . .*high fives self* I FEEL KINDA AWESOME!!!!! X3 I lost eight poooooounds, I lost eight pooooooounds *does dance* I planned to lose more, which I still can, but it’s proven to be difficult. Granted I haven’t done a serious workout in about a week and a half, I’m surprised I actually lost some weight within that span of time without putting much effort in for a small amount of time. I was 206 a week and a half ago and NOW I’M 204 . . . .I feel like I accomplished something good for once . . . .I’m so jubilant at this very moment, I kind feel very awesome. . . .very awesome. . . . .This is probably one of those days I’m going to dress sort of pretty for once. . . . .That’s something different 🙂 lol


4 thoughts on “Spontaneous Posting

  1. sounds fine, i’m happy for you 🙂 dress as you feel pleased and comfortable! if you want, i could send you tips for workout and good way of food, i experienced some that works great and are healthy and fit for every day life. Of course you will have to adapt it to your own needs.

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