Another Word of Thanks to My ‘Viewers’

Another Word of Thanks to My 'Viewers'

I know that by now, me thanking you like this probably creeps you out in many ways. I have a feeling that, mentally, you’re thinking ‘this weird American teenager is being appreciative of nothing. . . .it’s freaking me out and I don’t understand it at all.’ But that’s okay. . .because I creep out people in my country too 🙂 I’m actually surprised I have a small group of friends. . .it’s interesting O.O Anyway, I want to thank you so very much for reading my blog every so often and reading all of the really dumb things I write and post. . . .I salute you for being so strong for about 2 months and living through that traumatic experience. . .You’re pretty able bodied, that’s most likely why you survived the storm of . . .shit articles and pictures of many things. . .you’re a good friend *nods knowledgeably*

My life has been very depressing, stressful, and sad for the last couple months, so this blog was really to escape a lot of what has and still is happening, so I wasn’t really expecting it to be anything people would pay attention to. I made it public to whoever was willing to read my stuff, but wasn’t expecting a reader of any kind. I think that’s probably why I’m so thankful for you viewing it so much, it’s because you do it voluntarily. . .sort of O.o and that makes my day very much. Thank you again for being kind enough to look at my page for a few seconds and waste a few seconds of your most likely busy life to look at this. I don’t yet know what it’s like to have a busy life. . . .I have no life, sadly XD I spend so much time drawing and thinking, I feel like I’ve lost touch with life I’m just . . .an artsy vegetable . . .I wonder how ‘artsy vegetable’ translates in French. . . . .I will have to go to Google translator later tonight. . .I also have the attention span of a small hamster as of late . . .it’s more entertaining to watch than to read, unfortunately lol


4 thoughts on “Another Word of Thanks to My ‘Viewers’

  1. i would like you to learn something very important before entering this new challenge, university. I would like you to make the effort to target over your problems and weaknesses, to see more often what is happy and brilliant in your life, cos it’s not possible that everything is bad as you seem to say. You have a family that loves you, it’s not the case of everybody, you’re in good health, it’s not the case of everybody.
    So, basically, here are the 2 major points.
    Next : even if it’s not easy for you every day about material things, you still have a roof on your head, you still have food, and you have the possibility to study. It’s not the case of everybody.
    What would you say if you were an orphan, live on the streets, and have to seek for your food in the garbage and steal? This is the everyday life of many people, and i don’t speak about foreign countries, you can see them at your door.
    So, please me, just enjoy what you have, and if you want more, just work to obtain it, cos you can do it and manage what you want, you just need to be focused on your goals and use your mind. Your future IS in YOUR hands. ok ? 🙂

    1. I have a very good understanding of what you saying and actually am already aware that I’m blessed to both have a family, an education, and a house. I’m not oblivious about those. If I came of as seeming materialistically unaware, I apologize, I’m very grateful for what I have, but my life within that has been hard. I may not have been out on the street, and I’m glad for that, but in many other ways my life is difficult and even if I leave I have many things to worry about when leaving. My house is still depressing, it keeps me warm, but it’s a bit sad and many things have happened. My family loves me, but they’re really messed up, and I’m getting an education that I’m really hoping and praying me and my family will continue to be able to afford. I’m watching my dad hold weight that’s not his, and my mom sort of watch that. My siblings, I just hope they’re okay when I go and nothing happens to them. My life is good . . .at least a little financially, yes, but those things have made life a little harder than usually because I worry a lot. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful of what I have, I’m not, but many things have happened that have just made me very upset.

      1. ok i understand what you mean. So i think that the best you can do is to work hard to manage your studies and get a good job, then you will be able to help yourself and your family. You can help them now of course, but keep in mind that to obtain a good diploma and a good professionnal network is the best way to enhance your future in the long term, even if it sounds a bit selfish. It’s normal to feel upset but don’t let this feeling deprives you from your energy and will. I wish you well for all of this 🙂

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