Bleach’s Titie Kubo

Bleach's Titie Kubo

Tite Kubo spent his life in Hiroshima and didn’t start working toward his career in becoming a manga artist until he was 17. His first work was featured in Shonen Jump magazine in 1996 and canceled in 2000. His next manga was Zombie Powder, which he wrote while he was going through emotional trauma. Bleach was then created after this.

Bleach is a manga about a male highschool student who turns into a shinigami. It’s full of action and a bit of seriousness on the side. The characters are endless and the plot is pretty good. It thickens O.O I used to read it in my tween years and never watched it in English (Japanese sounds so much better. . . .and I don’t mind reading sub titles). Read if you have nothing to do. It’s been my favorite for awhile and is very well crafted.


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