What the Future Looks Like and a Thank You to My Only Viewer. . .

What the Future Looks Like and a Thank You to My Only Viewer. . .

Pon and Zi are still adorable after all these years :3

So, I’ve realized I’m probably going to have to designate time for this or something because I’ve also realized how much I love blogging *O* blogging is fun. . .It’s most likely more of the writing thing, I like to write. Another thing I noticed was that my articles and stuff aren’t that long O.O they look long when I read them on my phone, but I checked it on my pc and IT IS . . .small šŸ˜¦ which is kind of unfortunate so I decided I would try to write more in the near future.

My life this summer has sucked terribly and I didn’t manage to get a ton of what I wanted done, but what’s funny is I still had a lot of fun šŸ™‚ I went to the movies probably more than I will ever in my entire life, I reconciled some things internally so I don’t really dislike myself anymore, I’ve restarted my poster business and it’s actually in the direction that I want to be sort of, I conquered my fear of college, but have not yet conquered my fear of a large Pre-med work load, I hung out with my friends for probably about the last time, I’m almost finished with the book about the drug addict (even though I planned to read more books than one. . .), just today I’ve kind of gotten over my depressive state and realized I should get back up and do more stuff, and I became a bit more mature. I may not have learned sign language, finished all the books in my book shelf, gotten a boyfriend, baked a bunch of things, and learned how to fully operate a four wheeled vehicle, BUT I accomplished other stuff which. . .makes me just as happy šŸ™‚

On a blog note, I’ve decided to replace Friday Shorts with a Playlist segment because what I was writing was turning into . . .a not so good story. I know there’s only one guy who visits this blog (you honestly don’t know how much I appreciate you for reading my blog when you can. You don’t even have to read it, but you do. I originally made this blog thinking no one would read it, but you always read it. I really don’t know why you read it, I feel like you could be using your time for something that’s worth the time rather than my stupid blog, but you continue to read it and it makes me so happy when I get one of your comments in my inbox from you. I just. . .die of happiness on the inside. You truly are a ray of. . .blog sunshine. Thank you for being so nice to me and reading my blog that has nothing to do with. . .nothing. Thank you) but if you can, just give me some ideas. My music isn’t necessarily for everyone, but making playlist is kind of a passion I’d like to share on here. I feel like a little playlist every week challenges me to seek out new music new artists, and a new sound so thoughts on this would be much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “What the Future Looks Like and a Thank You to My Only Viewer. . .

  1. oh you’re very welcome. I’d like to see you on a good “spirit road” before entering university, and it seems you’re on the good way šŸ™‚ it’s fine if you’re happy about what you did this summer, even if it’s not all the things you expected to do. This is a good thing to be able to see the positive and in the same to be aware about what is still to do. this is good progress my little padawan šŸ˜‰ congratulation!

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