This Week’s Topic

This Week's Topic

So, I feel old because. . .I do 🙂 I went to the library this weekend and I ran to the manga section because I’m still stuck reading that memoir I got a few months ago (see June Archives *wink*) Anyway, I checked out a bunch of manga and it reminded me of my hermit years in middle school when I hid behind japanese comic books because it was a safe haven for my head. I went through a lot of things in middle school, I was also friends with people that didn’t like me very much. Manga was always there for me :/

For those who don’t know what manga is, if you didn’t quite read the context clues within what I said, I’ll risk sounding redundant by saying it’s basically a japanese comic book. There are two genres: Shojo (girl/romance manga) and Shonen (boy/action manga). As a pre-teen, I enjoyed both genres. I liked reading about samurai warriors seeking strength and revenge and I also liked reading the dramatic hormone induced drama of a girl and boy in love or just reading about a girl pining for another (I could relate with the latter because I would always be pining for someone like. . .at least once every couple of months XD), Just for a little ‘blast from the past’ I decided to talk about manga artists that created manga and anime that I enjoyed and sometimes indulge in today. Whenever I seek refuge, that’s where my mind’s sent sometimes. It’s the last resort for my happiness.


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