Bitch Tuesdays (because I posted nothing on Monday. . . :O): ‘COTTAGE CHEESE’

What I’ve decided to bitch about today would probably hit close to home for females and possibly males (even though I have never seen a man with this particular thing. . .) What I’m talking about is ‘cottage cheese’ or what most know as cellulite. . .

When I was at orientation, surprisingly I saw A LOT of it on campus, and I was very confused by this because the campus is huge and just to walk back and forth to classes is kind of a work out in itself. . . so how would you have something like that??? It’s just very unattractive looking and sooo many of the girls in my team that I had to tour the school with had it. I checked my legs a few times to see if I had it . . . it bothered me that much. . .

I’ve heard lack of exercise in general can cause this, but we have a fully equipped work out center that’s strictly for exercise AND we have mini workout centers IN EACH RESIDENTS HALL. . .I just don’t understand how you could not take advantage of something like that. ESPECIALLY if you are in a situation where your main diet may only consist of Ramen, crackers, and water. . . that ‘s just asking to gain lots and lots and LOTS of weight . . . . just saying.

I understand the rigorous work schedule that some college students have, I’m one of them :T but I feel like with a little time management and will power, you can avoid the cottage cheese. . . it’s something that can be avoided. . .I can’t speak necessarily because I kind of have cellulite, but mine isn’t as bad as what I saw. . . What I saw was very scary and might have been an ‘envisionment’ (not a word. . .) of my future self if I let myself go. . .I already kind of look like I let myself go already and I haven’t even hit rock bottom like that O.O The cottage cheese. . . . it’s a scary thing. ..

2 thoughts on “Bitch Tuesdays (because I posted nothing on Monday. . . :O): ‘COTTAGE CHEESE’

  1. i didn’t know the english name lol, cottage cheese, omg… well you’re right, men are not submitted to this (thanks god). we just have to deal with belly, flat pecs and shits like that. i agree with you, avoid work is a fault, and cottage cheese is one of the many sentences for lazyness 🙂 It’s a shame cos it is quite simple to avoid, or at least diminished it (good diet, and sport, you can’t do more simple…) To be honest, there is a gene factor too, but well, workout is the help.

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