Midnight Mind Musings (I keep fogettiing what title I use . . . y

This was written last night, but I have to post it now due to word press being ridiculous. 


I feel like a giant idiot right now, but I think it’s because I’m so sensitive. I feel like my sensitivity is just a problem. I cried and got upset over something teeny tiny. Granted, I deserved to feel stupid and embarassed and kind of deserved to be laughed at, but I still don’t feel great. Who would really feel great like that? 


I won’t say what it was I just kind of feel like a loser for crying over it. I can be a really big baby at times and just sort of blow things out of proportion. I’ll just go. . .read and calm down, I guess. I can’t really take back my stupidity, can I? 




It’s morning time and for those within my non-existent audience that would like to know what made me kind of upset this is what it was: I had told one of my friends what I originally planned on naming my daughter if I had one (I’m no longer naming her that partially because I now know that it does not represent anything good. . .) And they went on how terrible it was and went on to the point where I felt embarrassed and upset. I’m not going to say what the name was because I still feel not so good about what happened, but, as you can see, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I’m just a big fat baby when it comes to little things so . . .yeah *shrug* I need to not be so sensitive about things and maybe gain a backbone or two. 


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