Song of the Day

This is what happens when I get busy during the week. . . .I resort to music :3

I decided that I wanted to post stuff even if I am going for a few days and I haven’t made a serious amount of playlists this summer (I really wanted to make some epic ones *O*) I decided I was going to make a few for this blog. I’m really personal when it comes to music because I use it to explain or emphasize how I feel about things. If I ever get to the point where I start sharing music with someone, it means that I’m very comfortable with them. I’m very comfortable with this blog, which makes me want to. . .share. . .music with it? O.o That makes sense . . . . .
Anyway, the song of the day is Jesusita by Ha Ha Tonka. This is the only song I’ve heard by them and I heard it while I was watching Catfish, so I Googled it and downloaded it right away because. . . .that’s what normal people do when they hear a song they like. . . .the part that appeals to me most is the slow single noted strumming of the guitar in the beginning. It sounds so pretty *O* it’s that sound that forces you to kind of drift into it. . .it’s beautiful 🙂 to me, anyway XD 

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