My Life: If You’re Interested

My Life: If You're Interested

Last week was kind of fun. The 4th of July was actually kind of cool, I didn’t get to see fireworks, but I really enjoyed being with my family and spending time with them. I also enjoyed the many mosquito bites I have from that night. I have 9. . .9 mosquito bites. . . . .

I developed a cold from taking care of my dad last week. I force fed him Ramen soup and green tea, yet I’m not taking very good care of myself. I wanted to eat cereal soooo bad this morning, but my dad made me eat something else (the milk would’ve made me worse but. . . .I would’ve done it anyway lol) My dad’s cold is getting better though, so that’s good.

Also, I have to go to orientation for my first year of school. I’m not too excited about that because I have to stay over night in a dorm. . . .with another person . . .I was hoping I could at least hold on off on that until I got there. I’m going to experience it in a month, so I guess this is their way of getting me through the initial fear of having to share a room with someone I don’t know, but I still. . .am not happy about it DX

My emotional state is just. . .very dry and nuetral, but after talking to a friend about everything I was holding in for so long, I feel less heavy. I’ll try to do a better job at that. When I go off to school I’m not going to have that comfort or have anyone to talk to like that. I’m not even going to have time to seriously care about how or what I’m feeling because I have to work and do school and practice for orchestra. . . .hopefully I don’t emotionally explode and hopefully I’ll be so involved in what I’m doing that I’ll lose myself in it. My dad does that with his work when things at home get difficult for him, he submerges himself in it. I think if I can do that, I won’t explode emotionally like I did a few days ago.

BTW- I’ll be taking TONS of pictures while I’m on campus so. . . .I will have many to share on here and I’m probably going to add to the video diary I’m making for this summer so. . . .that’ll be fun 😀 XD


8 thoughts on “My Life: If You’re Interested

      1. I said ‘really?’ Because I was kind of surpised that you would want to see what an American University looks like because I believe they, for the most part, would look the same anywhere. Very large and full of people lol it was more of a reaction to what you said rather than a response

  1. it is certainly the same in the general idea, but i’m always curious to see different places, there are certainly something different too.

    1. This is a really far out question and I’ve been thinking about for awhile, but what’s the basic structure of France’s government system? I’ve learned about almost every country except for yours and I’m naturally curious.

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