Bitch Mondays: Saggy Pants

Bitch Mondays: Saggy Pants


First of all, why wear pants if you’re going to have your underwear hanging out all over the place?? Why? Pants are meant to cover what’s underneath. If you’re going to do that, you might as well walk around with no pants on. It’s practically the same thing.

I came up with this idea, and I think if advertisement agencies used this they’d bring in so much money from their product they’re trying to sell. They should sign on male high school students to wear their ads on their ass. To make the print on the material would be more cost effective than paying for a billboard, more people would see it because they never bother to pull up their pants, and, to some, it may add appeal. . . .I should be getting paid to come up with stuff like this *sips coffee and high five self*

What gets me the most is that they wear belts on their pants too. Note that it’s most likely for ‘flare’ or ‘decoration’, but to me it just looks like you forgot how to use a belt. . . .Granted, I’m a known sagger, but that’s because my pants are a bit too big and I DON’T OWN A BELT!. . . . . .I don’t do it on purpose, basically. For me, it is not a fashion trend, it is a partial embarrassment and a self identifier. I am the girl with saggy pants at school. . . .it’s only funny for a few minutes and then. . .it’s just sad. . . .This is why I spent this year wearing very long shirts, it helps *thumbs up* but for those who have two arms and two working hands and at least half of brain. . .just pull your damn pants up!


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