Weekend Waker: Boondock Saints

Weekend Waker: Boondock Saints

If I haven’t recommended this movie yet it’s probably because of my state of mind at the moment which is very. . .not good XD

Boondock Saints is a movie about two Irish brothers who decide to take things into their own hands and become vigilantes. If I say more it will just give many things away O.O so just go watch it. . . .

I love this movie more than I love any other thing in the world. If you ever want to get me to do something drastic, buy some popcorn, a bar of Chunky (that is a chocolate bar shaped like a square with peanuts and raisins :D), and watch Boondock Saints with me. . .I’ll practically do anything O.O
I’m honestly just one of those people that are easy to please. Somehow I feel that will be one of my strong suits in the world, but no matter about my strengths/weaknesses. If you have nothing to do this weekend, get on youtube and watch it . . .because they have it to watch and I’m going to put the link here O.O. . .so do it. . .



5 thoughts on “Weekend Waker: Boondock Saints

  1. lol you should’nt give the key for you to do anything, it could turn into horny stuff lmao something that has nothing to do with movie, but check UFC162 tonight, a huge main event with a titleshot between one of the greatest champion of all time, Anderson Silva, and his challenger, the undefeated Chris weidman. enjoy!

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