Very Adorable Plushies. . .I Am a Girl :)

Very Adorable Plushies. . .I Am a Girl :)

Now, I haven’t been able to completely stay on topic this week because I’ve realized that the topic of porn isn’t terribly interesting and I’ve been kind of screwy in the brain and have had a lot to do. . .this is why I have no followers, I have the attention span of a very small woodland creature.

Anyway, so these plushies are sold at a store in a mall near me. The store’s called TooCool and they sell anime and japanese stuff and other cute things, this being one of the cute things. They have elephants, which is what the picture above is, and pigs. They are EXTREMELY expensive. . . . .but I bought one for my little sister for her birthday a few years ago and she loved it and I cuddled with the blue elephant one my friend has. . . .I need one of those plushies to cuddle O.O

If I wasn”t saving money, I’d buy one. . .I want one so bad O.O the small ones are $25 and the really big cuddly ones are $30 and they’re the cutest most adorable ones DX . . .this is definitely why I don’t have followers . . . XD

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