This Week’s Topic: Pornography

This Week's Topic: Pornography

The image above is disturbing, but amusing because out of all the boobs overtaking the television screen, there’s only one butt. . .what’s that about?? O.o

The topic seems a bit raunchy and personally I don’t dabble in it, but for those who are like me that are too scared to really dig deep inside the world of porn, haven’t you ever been a little curious as to it’s origins and current standing as a pleasant past time, a relationship bomb, and uh. . .something nice to look at?

I feel that my imagination probably does a better job than any porn, but I’ve always been kind of mesmorized by people who actually get addicted to it. Whether it be pictures or videos, due to the great wonder of technology, porn is at your fingertips. . .literally. I’ve always seen it as ridiculous to kind of oogle at stuff like that, but maybe there are interesting things about it besides the obvious *shrug* you never know until you research, right?

And just to be clear, I’m referring to ‘normal’ porn, meaning that I’m not referring to anything that eludes to children, or animals, or . . .objects if that’s a thing. . .I really don’t know. . . .What I’m basically saying is porn just with people, whether straight or gay, maybe about my age and higher (I don’t know how old you have to be TO BE in porn) but I’m just saying that to make things perfectly clear. This will be more of a peek at the actual effect it has had on society through the ages.


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