Brief History Lesson and Some Shtuff

Brief History Lesson and Some Shtuff

Before pornography, many men and women had to seek extra sexual pleasure from prostitutes, which started around the 18th century. With the suppression of sexual behavior and acts before marriage by religious practice, this made the want and need for that even stronger.

As time went on, sexual exploration and freedom was enforced, kicking the U.S into a world with more contraceptives and pre-marital sex. As soon as the internet came along, the world of pornography was truly born just when sexual ideals were becoming so liberal.

Most that promoted pornography saw it as a ‘healthy way to explore yourself sexually’ but some (or all) that gripped onto it seemed to carry an addiction along. This clearly proved to be a problem both then and today. Pornographics, in non-moderate use, can be extremely addictive. Granted, not everyone who watches/looks at it is necessarily a ‘victim’ of this addiction, but it’s most commonly those who are married, alone, single, young old. . .basically anyone could be a potential porn addict, it happens to any and everybody.

On a site called, I looked up some of the info I’ve given you above and found this testimonial from a 47 year old married man addicted to porn:

While many hours at a time were wasted in this endeavor, it never seemed to really satisfy me. Oh, it would for the moment or while I was actually viewing the files, but the letdown and guilt afterwards were a real downer. I found myself risking everything – wife, family, reputation – in pursuit of this compulsion. It was when I began to view it as a compulsion that I knew I had a serious problem. But I did not and could not stop. It was only when my wife found some Web-temp [pornographic] files on our home computer that I was forced to finally confront the problem.
This man is married, but he still succumbed to porn, which, once again isn’t surprising. Actually in the article I read, many sexoligist argued the ideals of man and wife and how constrictive it can be. They basically explained that biologically the body is meant to have sex with many partners to populate the earth, so the natural attraction to other females is normal because it was what the body was meant to do. To put a restriction on something like that and only have one person to do that with seemed unnatural, scientifically. Pornography was looked at as a ‘safe’ way to keep others from straying from their partners, but often, it has caused the most trouble within marriages.

That was a brief lesson on pornography, I’ll have more detailed and better explanation of what I”ve already explained tomorrow. . .hopefully O.O


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