Week Waker (Since WordPress Decided to Be Dumb Over The Weekend. . . .)

Week Waker (Since WordPress Decided to Be Dumb Over The Weekend. . . .)

Catfish is a show about two guys who find people that are involved in online realtionships and find out if the person they’re dating/talking to is the real thing or a ‘catfish’/fake. It’s entertaining because it’s reality tv *shrug* humans like to see other humans do real things, but dramatized to fit their needs of entertainment. I am one to say that as an 18 year old girl, I get sucked into these things easily. Part of that also has to do with my addictive personality (luckily, I’m afraid of drugs, hate alcohol, hate smoking, and haven’t had sex yet. . .all of these are GOOD things lol) If you’re like me and you don’t have much of anything to do, watch the first season like me *points to self* and don’t start watching the awesome and new season that started last week. That’s a big no-no *makes no-no face*


2 thoughts on “Week Waker (Since WordPress Decided to Be Dumb Over The Weekend. . . .)

  1. well, my opinion is :
    – “reality” shows are a bunch of crap.
    – drugs are dangerous for health, assume responsability if you take.
    – alcohol can be good and tasty, in a little quantity. If it drives to be drunk, bad choice.
    – sex is good and even wonderful, when shared with joy, and being careful about sexual diseases (yes it’s a sad reality, but it’s important, AIDS is not a joke).

    1. I think a lot of people watch it knowing it’s crap. If it was too serious, people would have the reaction of ‘why watch this when I can just video tape myself going to work’ because without that drama and craziness, the product doesn’t sell. To be honest, it’s almost like a zoo. There are some exhibits that are simply the natural form of it, but contained and then you have stuff like dophin shows and things where the animals are pre-trained for entertainment, which is what ‘reality tv’ is for the most part. Some shows I find legit in the fact that some things you just can’t put to a script and others you can tell that whatever conflict that happens most likely isn’t a coincidence unless the show has a plot that involves a lot of that without much effort or change (e.a catfish). You’re opinions about drugs and alcohol I agree with considering I’m not someone who really wants to tamper with things like that. Sex. . .idk that’s always a topic that I’m comfortable with as long as I don’t have to experience it lol I’m sure it is good and wonderful, but with the way things are now I feel that it’s a lot easier to mess up and have something happen, which is why I’m not too keen on sex in general lol

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