My Life: If You’re Interested . . . .

My Life: If You're Interested . . . .

This week was both good and bad: I managed to finish a scholarship form, I had time to read my book that I’ve been trying to finish since summer started, I went to my friend’s graduation party, I got in trouble for nearly losing my brother, my mom kind of ruined last Sunday for me and my dad, a friend of mine made me feel both good and bad about myself and I remained completely neutral. . .that’s a week worth sharing sort of.

The start of my week made me angry and the end has left me in pain, literally in physical pain, but overall I’m okay, I guess. I just wish that I had something to get me out of my neutral mood and cheer me up for more than five seconds.

Top right: Me and my sister looking creepy in the rear view mirror
Top left: My cousin’s adorable baby
Bottom left: My friend trying to make Jenga un-fun. . .and my friends and I watching the magic happen
Bottom right: The cookies I made that were good/okay for the most part


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