Bitch Mondays: Mondays. . . .

Bitch Mondays: Mondays. . . .

I think I’m only talking about this today because I’m having one of those terrible Mondays and . . .it’s just so bad, it really is. Now, I’m the type of person where if one thing goes wrong in my day the entire day is ruined, but there were many things that kind of went wrong.

Mondays are usually terrible because they are a culmination of the previous week. You’ve finished with relief, but the burdens of what you haven’t started or what you did settle in and you don’t yet have the stamina to take everything at once. You’ve probably procrastinated on a project and spent a majority of your night and morning on it, still trying to force yourself out of bed or you’re getting ready for work kind of dreading having to go back after a very comfortable weekend away from it OR you’ve dealt with family problems and you have to wake up to both that and your job with a smile on your face OOOOR a combination of those and other things. It’s like one big clusterfuck . . . . . . .

You also have the choice few that don’t make it any better. May it be your boss, teacher, mentor, a parent, etc., there’s always that person who likes to add salt to the wound when you’re already having the most shitty day on the universe. Of course, they have no idea that your day is already terrible, but you still would like to punch them in the face for being an inconsiderate asshole about something that they are unaware of. This is what we call ‘Cranky People Logic’. I use this often on Mondays, leading to a very pissed off 18 year old girl and many confused people.

If you’re a Mondays person, I salute you. I’ve never met someone who’s actually happy that it’s Monday. I’ve seen more excitement on a Friday (obviously). But for those that hate Mondays like me, today you’re probably sharing my pain, drinking coffee, and bitching.


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