Unpractical Cures For the Common Cold

Unpractical Cures For the Common Cold

This post is very late for a Tuesday, but I was busy with drawing, so I had reason.
I looked up a few cures and remedies and I thought I’d find weird things AND I DID! 😀 So, to cure colds you would be suggested to catch leaves from a tree in the fall. . .the fact that they would suggest you to go out in cold weather when you have a cold baffles me O.O

To prevent colds, you had to eat an onion sandwich and wash your hair. I like onions, but not enough to eat a sandwich full of it. . . .makes me wonder if it worked though.

FUN FACT: Most believe that the cold weather causes colds, but in actuality, the cold allows bacteria and germs in the air to move more freely, making it easier to get sick in Fall or Winter, rather than Summer or Spring.


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