Tuesday Topic Deviation: Coffee Sugar Cookies

Tuesday Topic Deviation: Coffee Sugar Cookies

I wanted to make something with coffee in it and I found a recipe WITH COFFEE IN IT!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

My dad complains that I always make my awesome sugar cookies, but I don't bake anything else (which is true, but my cookies are just that awesome) Anyway, I found this recipe on SheKnows and I haven't yet put these cookies in the oven and I haven't tasted them, but I've smelt the batter and it's heavenly. . .I wish they made perfume that smelt just like it. . . .I could smell like cookie dough aaaaaall day. . .I'd be delicious O.O

Feel free to make these, they'd probably be a great morning snack. . .I think. . .here's the url:



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