Weekend Waker: Homemade Skin Care Products

Weekend Waker: Homemade Skin Care Products

f your skin is terrible. . .or like mine and you can’t afford fancy soaps and all that jazz, than you could spend your weekend buying supplies ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve spent all week looking for something to brighten my skin and make me look more like my age (I feel and look very old. . .very old for an 18 year old girl. . .) So, I looked up a few items that you could purchase or that you have in your house that are both inexpensive and helpful.

-Avocado: It’s used mostly to tone and clean pores in the skin
-Lemon: Tighten skin, giving the appearance of small pores
-Oatmeal: softens skin, usually complimented with a base like plain yogurt to moisturize the skin
-Rose/Olive Oil: Meant to clean impurities out of skin
-Honey: A stringent and moisturizer
-Coffee grounds: I only found one real recipe that calls for coffee grounds and it’s just meant for your legs to scrape off dead skin

So, now this weekend you can have cleaner and better looking skin making avocado face masks and lemon face and leg scrubs. . .have oodles of fun with that ๐Ÿ˜€ *confetti*


3 thoughts on “Weekend Waker: Homemade Skin Care Products

  1. rhhaaa you don’t look old, stop whinning Renell… you’re 18, you CAN’T look old. What will you say when you’ll have white hairs and wrinkles on your face like me?

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