My Life: If You’re Interested . . .

My Life: If You're Interested . . .

My week was full of turning in job applications, being afraid of the guidance office in fear of looking like an idiot, dress decisions, party decisions, and sort of things I feel like I shouldn’t hear out loud, but I know already.

The application thing was influenced by my aunt and she had taken my cousin and I out to turn ours in (while we were vigorously trying to finish them on the way to the shopping plaza) The guidance office business is related to an official school transcript I have to obtain in order to send off a scholarship application (fun. . .) Dress and party business has to do with a graduation party my family is throwing for me this weekend and I decided to buy myself a pretty and slightly cheap, but not that cheap dress (I’m kind of a penny pincher. . .spending money hurts me . . .)

I’ve still been kind of sad still and a bit stressed out. While I was out getting my dress, there was a sale at this store my mom and I like (Bath and Body Works) and they have this stress relief collection. They have soaps and lotions that have aroma therapy stuff in it that’s supposed to relieve stress and fatigue, but it’s always so expensive. . .Well, this weekend it wasn’t and I bought a bottle and it smells amazing and is kind of making me sleepy (preparing posts entails me writing out things at about 2 in the morning) but I guess if it’s meant to relax, it’s doing its’ job *shrug* . . .I just spent a paragraph talking about stress relieving lotion. . .my teenage life is so riveting . . . .


2 thoughts on “My Life: If You’re Interested . . .

  1. nice shot. avoid stress is important, stress is a cause of disease. Nice shot, but after reading, i’m curious to see this famous dress 🙂

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