I’m still struggling cme up a topic for this week so. . .I’m going to play it by ear this week. I wrote a poem O.O I haven’t written any in awhile which is why I wrote it. 


The definition of feminism seems to be so incredibly ambiguous to me

Open for interpretation

Clear watered topic

Wipe board with many colored Expo markers 

Used by hundreds and thousands of hands 

All different pigments, sizes, ethnicities, beliefs, virtues, the boundless result of ‘etc.’

In my life, I’m not considered ‘feminine’

The brightly colored dress of ‘woman hood’ always seems to fit me lopsided

My shape and habits have been poignantly pointed at as ‘unfit’ and ‘ungraceful’

With hands that carry more creative than domestic skill

And fashion sense that resembled that of a girl who seeks a hiding place and a bit of comfort among the deafening plague of high heeled conformity

I’m not G.I Jane either

Too unathletic

Strong, but not strong enough

Too flimsy for the title

You ask me to fix anything?

It’ll end up ten times more broken than before

I’m neither the Tom or the beauty queen

I do not resemble the strength and fertility of feminism nor the aesthetic skill

So where do I fit in this ambiguous pot of multiple definitions that seem too square, but fit ‘conveniently’ enough in that hole? 

Or is ‘feminism’ merely a title more than a living entity?

Can the compassion and loving nature of a mother not be found in the heart of the father?

The bond may be slightly severed, but the heart beats just as fervent and strong

Can the strength and agility of a full armed and able bodied man not be found in the gentle body of a woman?

Despite a few areas in which the frame of body and capacity for physical stress may differ, the will power remains the same

Can the emotional stress and heartache of a mistreatment or abuse be any less gut wrenching for a woman than that of a man?

Despite your perspective: abuse is abuse, it’s non-gender specific

Can the choice of maintaining one’s outer appearance in style really focus on the female gender specifically?

21st century. . . .think about it

So maybe feminism is a metaphorical canister in which society would like to fit a group of people into

A glass bowl in which to poke at merely to see what will happen

Not to say that the gender is any less or more than the weight that is born

But seeing everything equally

See people in a more non-gender specific lens

So when I do something ‘unfeminine’

Is it really? 

I guess. . .only if I choose to throw myself in that category

I’d like to think I’m an unfiled species nearly half way across from a different universe

That seems to suit my fancy

To go a bit uncategorized

And merely see myself as another human being 

Trying desperately to figure out life without any social stigma attached

Would probably be cause for celebration


Society will be society

Change will come


By this time

I’ll be in a grave somewhere

Hopefully out of the country

With a smile on my face

Knowing that 

Hey, it’ll come eventually 


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