Bitch Mondays: Mornings

Bitch Mondays: Mornings

I’m not a morning person. Unless I’m seriously motivated to get up, I never do. Especially during the summer, morning time doesn’t normally exist because I stay up ’til 12AM and sometimes even later. If you are like me than you probably do the things I’ll list below:

1. Drink Coffee
2.Wake up in bed, but take at least 45 minutes to get out of it
3. Have a bit of a deranged/cranky look on your face
4. Fall asleep while doing simple morning tasks

1. I’ve noticed that green tea kind of energizes the body. Normally, you’d think it wouldn’t (tea is low in caffeine and acts as a depressant: it’s not meant to wake you up) but the ginseng in green tea is what acts as the catalyst to get your metabolism going which is why it serves as an ‘energy booster’. Replacing this with coffee would probably make my morning easier. . .but I don’t do it as much. . .

2. Waking up and staying in bed is common, usually, but to cure that I’ve started to put my alarm clock in a different part of my room, which forces me to get up (preferably, making the alarm noise annoying gives me more motivation to turn it off. . .)

3. For the deranged and cranky look. . .well. . . some people look good in the morning and some people don’t *shrug* I’m not the first one . . .

4. The change in morning beverage should cure that. I usually listen to music to keep myself from doing that. Loud music (alt. rock and pop helps) Instrumental music in the morning is what makes me sleepy.


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