Weekend Waker: MMA Fighting

Weekend Waker: MMA Fighting

Now, I’m not saying to go out and actually pursue a career in mixed martial arts. . .that would take way too long and I’ve witnessed one class and wasn’t even a participant in that said class, but still felt the sweat and pain that was being experienced by the actual participants. . .I smelt it too. . .

Watching mixed martial arts is probably one of the best things to do because it’s very entertaining. I like watching guys with skill kind of fight against each other with an eventual victor in the end. It’s definitely a great pass time. I’m not a full on fan where I know who my favorite guy is or I know every and any guy fighting currently or previously, but I simply enjoy watching it.

If you’re like me and have no real social life, no significant other, a liter of pop, either a working computer that you can download MMA fights or actual cable, some pizza (with the green peppers, and mushrooms, and onions, and sausage, and cheese, and. . .olives and more green peppers. . .it’s healthy :/), and a bunch of time over the weekend, watch a few MMA matches and feel the entertainment.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Waker: MMA Fighting

  1. MMA is the best combat sport. I practice thai boxing and grappling myself, so you imagine how i love MMA. This sport needs a perfect health and “condition” (don’t know the english word), and a lot of technical skills and intelligence. Unfortunately, often people see only the blood, the cage and the ground hits… what a shame. I had a grappling session this morning, holy sh*t, i’m broken, no more neck, nor arms, nor legs lol.

    1. Lol that sounds intense, but it’s really cool that you do thai boxing. That’s why I like mixed martial arts and why I like watching because of the added skill and strategy that’s in it rather than what you had mentioned (blood, cage, etc.)

  2. by the way, UFC event today, Roy “Big Country” Nelson is fighting, this guy is incredible, check it, you won’t regret!

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