Tuesday Topic Deviation: Grace Helbig <3

<img src="https://rescloset22.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/gracehelbig.jpg&quot; class="size-full" alt="Tuesday Topic Deviation: Grace Helbig

For those who don’t know this beautiful and hilarious woman, she’s a comedian/actor.

Grace Helbig is a youtube personality, but also does a few stand up ‘no filter’ shows and hosts things for G4 and many other networks. Any acting she does, I’ve never seen, but I’m pretty sure they’re all small commercial parts, interview spots, and, like I mentioned before, hosting network shows or shorts.

Her quirky and funny personality is what makes me watch her videos aaaaaaalllll the time, she’s my comedic muse *o* I’ve grown to really adore her and if you haven’t gotten a chance to see her, check out her youtube channel DailyGrace and gracehinabox. She’s definitely worth watching.


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