Summer Albums- Channel Orange

Summer Albums- Channel Orange

This will be my last post for today because I’ve been posting all day and I feel like I could probably be using my time more wisely. . .and I’m slowly realizing that I should pre-write many of my ‘bio’ posts as well as my normal weekly posts, so. . .those are lessons for the future 😀

This album is by Frank Ocean, an R&B singer. His voice is very rich, and heavy, but delicate all at once. This album was suggested to me by my mom. She’s a Music Goddess, so when she suggests music to me, I feel obligated to take it into consideration *shrug*

If you need something new and refreshing to listen to or if your summer’s like mine and you feel terrible and need something to help smooth out the dull edges of your life, listen to this. It will be an excellent addition to your music collection and soothe that ache of boredom in the pit of your stomach that can’t cured by Tums or Pepto 🙂


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