#9 Scott Westerfield

#9 Scott Westerfield

Scott Westerfield is an American author who writes science fiction. He’s won many awards for his ‘UGLIES’ series as well as Leviathan.

He grew up in Texas and later moved to California and Connecticut because of his father’s job as a computer programmer. Shortly after college he became a composer and wrote his fist book based off of his father’s job. He also married an Australian author who’s name escapes me O.O

WHY HE’S MY FAVORITE: His science fiction writing has a great mix of humor and dramatic element, while still holding to its drama. His style varies, but not so much that you can’t tell it’s his. He makes sure to make each story unique and completely detached from one another. Each character is it’s own, no one alike from the other.


3 thoughts on “#9 Scott Westerfield

  1. i didn’t know him. I read a lot scifi, fantasy, etc but it’s old authors like Asimov, K. Dik, Moorcock, Leiber, van Voght, Vance, Lovecraft etc etc i have a very old school culture in this and i know the modern ones. So interesting name for me to check. i know dean koontz name, but never read him.

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