#10 Dean Koontz

#10 Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz is another American author that I enjoy. He writes horror, science fiction, and another genre I can’t seem to think of.

His home life was rough. Dean Koontz’s father was abusive and an alcoholic which gave him trouble in his early life, but inspiration for his stories later. He worked with a program that was supposed to helped impoverished families/children, but the more he worked within the program, the more he realized the filth and indecency of the government system. He withdrew from that program and also used it in one of his later works.

WHY HE’S MY FAVORITE: He is like a cheap Stephen King. If you were going to the library and couldn’t find a good Stephen King book, or you had read them all, Dean Koontz is like an off brand of Stephen King. His horror isn’t meant to eat you alive, it’s just meant to make you pee in your pants a little, which is why I like him. His gripping plots hold gentle tugs of subtle fright and not full on terror. I like a gradual hit of terror.


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